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//Important Financial Update

Hello Friends,

As a church focused on exploring who Christ is as a community, we get to see God working in big and small ways every day. This week’s video status update shares a very practical way Engage is trusting in God this week – our finances. Please join us in prayer that God will multiply our faith in Him through times of abundance and need.

Please take a moment to watch the status update as Tanner de Bien, our treasurer, and Ed Asbury share where our finances stand currently and what we hope for in the future.
As a church, we have been spending money only on budget items that are fixed expenses (like rent and payroll) since our savings account dropped below $12,000. This was done as part of a predetermined plan put in place by the Leadership Team to ensure Engage’s financial sustainability. As our finances currently lie, we will reach a second turning point in our sustainability plan – less than $6,000 in savings – by the end of next week. According to the plan, this means we will cut our staff hours by 10 percent until we can bring our savings above $6,000.

We’ve been close to reaching this second turning point before, and God has not only provided for our needs, he blew us away with abundance for three weeks in a row! Please watch the status update for more information and join us as a community to seek God in this time of financial need. We believe God placed Engage in Carlisle for a purpose, and we look forward to seeing how He will continue to grow our roots in our community.

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